What is workforce management?

What is workforce management?

Workforce Management (WFM) is about optimising performance levels for an organisation within e.g. retail and hospitality. Modern WFM solutions incorporate processes, such as workload forecasts and required staff, scheduling, absence management and simplifying the payroll export.


With tamigo, your organisation will get an online, cloud-based workforce management solution that is always up to date. This means that you can gather your operational knowledge and sales-related data in ONE, easily-accessible solution, enabling you and your colleagues to make proactive decisions to grow your business.

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Staff meeting photo
5 ways your organisation will benefit from a WFM solution:

Stop relying on spreadsheets or pen and paper. Your days spent making schedules in spreadsheets or with pen and paper are over! With modern WFM, your company can wave goodbye to Excel and replace it with ONE digital solution that includes all your information and workforce data and is available to everyone across the organisation.


Monitor and improve productivity. With tamigo, you get a real-time overview of each department’s productivity, so improvements quickly can be made where necessary.


Empower your employees. Your employees can easily access their schedule, exchange shifts and request time off directly in the tamigo app.


Seamless integration to your payroll provider. With tamigo, you ensure that absences, overtime, bonuses and the like are automatically calculated and sent to your payroll provider in a reliable and consistent way, reducing administrative tasks and manual mistakes.


Optimise your organisation’s operations. With smart benchmarking across departments and locations, and insight into planned vs. actual productivity, a WFM solution can easily help you optimise operations in your organisation.

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First, tamigo is time-saving. Second, it is a point of reference – everyone knows their planned shifts. Third, trust. I do not need to check things in an Excel file, I trust the data sent to payroll. It frees my mind.

Didier Grave
Managing Director at L’Épicerie des Prés