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Easily create, edit and publish shift plans with tamigo's online roster. Keep your employees up-to-date when their shift has been updated. Assign shifts to your employees based on their skills or their availability, or simply let them bid for the shifts they want to work!
  • No more spreadsheets or paperwork
  • Access the roster anywhere, anytime
  • Have the right employees working when there are customers in the store
  • Easily manage shift exchanges
  • Schedule multiple locations at the same time
  • See the consequences on costs and productivity etc. when planning

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You and your staff can view and work with the roster in tamigo on your smartphone, tablet or computer, and you can easily communicate with employees when there are changes or available shift in the roster.


You will be notified via tamigo when there are absences or requests for a change of guard, and you can view information such as absence balance and contract conditions, so you can always make the right decisions.


When you make a roster, you can see which employees are available. It can be a challenge to make a roster that takes into account all the wishes of the employees. In tamigo, employees can indicate when they can take guards, so you can, for example. can see if a part-time employee can be charged a guard.


At the same time, you can keep track of labour costs and the expected productivity of a given roster.


You can also plan after having the optimal number of employees on duty, by calculating the recommended staffing, based on sales numbers, footfall, etc. - directly in tamigo.

tamigo makes it easy, fast and efficient to keep an overview of the company’s daily routine and the organisation of rosters, which benefits all our employees.

Tommy Hvid
Operations Manager, Sticks'n'Sushi

Keep track of your duty rosters, timesheets, absence management, HR data, employee communication and much more with tamigo

With Tamigo, your company provides a solution for rostering, absence management, performance, employee communication, HR, master data, finance and forecasts - in one cloud-based workforce management solution.

With tamigo, your business can easily get started with:

  • Store and maintain all important  HR data, including master data, contracts, salary, skills and availability
  • Making rosters according to your company's financial goals and your employees' contracts, skills and availability
  • Keeping track of absence requests and getting a complete overview of all absences, such as vacations and sick leave, so employees can always feel taken into account
  • Track the actual working hours, breaks, overtime, etc. in the timesheet
  • Have employees check-in and out and get a complete overview of who is at work when
  • Calculate the actual working hours and export a correct payroll to your company's payroll system
  • Keep track of your work wherever you are with the tamigo's app so you can make decisions on the go
  • Integrate payroll, HRM, PoS systems and the like for tamigo.