How COOs in restaurant and cafe chains can create growth with tamigo

How COOs in restaurant and cafe chains can create growth with tamigo

Manage KPIs and measure performance and productivity across all your restaurants or cafés, locally and globally with tamigo. With a complete overview of your restaurant or café chain, you can easily optimise your workforce operations – either in each department or on an organisational level.


With our cloud-based solution that gathers workforce data and allows you to forecast productivity and benchmark performance, tamigo enables COOs in international restaurant and café chains to streamline operations and drive sustainable growth.

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Coo or manager photo
5 ways COOs can improve operations in restaurant or café chains with tamigo

– Benchmark performance across your restaurant or café chain. Forecast and view results with tamigo. Follow data trends across all restaurants or cafés and benchmark productivity for waiters and kitchen staff, to see which stores excel and which stores need optimisation.


– Create sustainable growth. Quickly apply your strategy to grow your restaurant or café chain with the consistent and reliable data you generate with tamigo.


– Improve communication with managers. Create common ground with individual restaurant/café or area managers by gathering all employee data, updates and communication in ONE accessible solution.


– Ensure profitable rotas and transparent labour costs. By loading your budget into tamigo, both you and the local planners can get a precise overview of all the restaurants and cafés’ planned shifts, and subsequently assess the labour costs for waiters, hosts, kitchen staff, etc.


– Define and follow up on KPIs. Easily manage KPIs for productivity in each restaurant or café. Define common KPIs to get comparable data, so you can learn from the top performing restaurants and cafés and optimise where needed.

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It is incredibly important that we are able to see what our shift schedules costs while we’re making them. In addition, tamigo accurately displays labour costs against revenues across all the restaurants.

Tommy Hvid
Sticks'n'Sushi, Operations Manager